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Long live the Volt

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I find it incredible that Chevrolet is considering replacing the Volt with a “crossover.” After designing such a great looking, fun to drive and technically advanced automobile, how can they consider throwing in the towel after such a short production run. GM complains they are not selling enough. Why don’t they advertise this vehicle. I would not have known the Volt even existed had not a friend let me drive his. After 20-minutes I was sold and bought one the following week. I had not owned a GM product in over 40-years and I was amazed at what GM had done with this vehicle. In over 3,000 miles, I have only used four gallons of gas. This is a perfect vehicle for my needs and I think there are a lot more people who would feel the same way if only they knew about the Volt. Wake up Chevrolet and smell the roses!
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Talk about not being able to win. For years we've been hearing how GM needs to move Voltec to larger vehicles in general and SUVs and CUVs in particular. Now that this may happen we hear that his is a terrible mistake! LOL
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