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I liked our 2006 Prius a lot, even though it was the most boring, sluggish thing I have ever owned, when you hit the button it started, and off you went. If that is the chief requirement, then it was a brilliant reliable point-a-to-b car. After the massive upgrade first to the 2012 Nissan Leaf, then to the 2017 Volt, well, it will take a heck of a lot to get me back in a Toyota...their ill-advised bet on Hydrogen and now their flip-flop back to Lithium, really indicates that currently their top brass remains unfocused on electric propulsion. Their new Prius Prime, at best, brings Toyota to a 2013 Volt, just as GM launches the BOLT.

I wish them all the luck in the world with that garish styling.

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Well it was made by a Volt owner

Toyota simply "considering" EV's someone already considers them a possible front-runner?

I made the comment and stand by it.

I did not mean they are already a front runner in plug ins but...

Toyota $/it a turd called Prime and it's already considered a competitor to both Volt and Bolt even though its not on sale, and it's a totally different car based off the gen i volt intended for a different usage pattern.

I cannot deny Toyo is years ahead of GM on gasoline motor designs, aerodynamics, gasoline mpg, cold weather operation and controls.
GM either can't or won't optimize a gas motor with all the efficiency tricks like the hot water bottle on prii. Closest they came was the Malibu but it's upstream to far for most buyers and sold into a bad market.

If Toyo takes their lead on a hybrid platform that already spans 5 models and add a plug, guess what?

Thankfully for GM Toyo is anti ev but if they gain any interest in plug ins, they could easily leapfrog GM unless GM starts adding plugs and efficiency to larger platforms.
Will it matter if the Toyo is slower? Like water off their back.

GM has 2 voltec cars in production and as of today 1 compliance Ev.

The Bolt will be a Great Leap Forward but it is one car likely with slow expansion into the market.
I guess I am impatient, and I am not alone in wanting more PHEV and Bev options.

Will I ever own a Toyo?
Likely not, I neither like the price or Toyo dealers, parts (if you need them) really suck.
But I am an opportunist if the price was right I would be driving one but in 15 years it never has been.

Back in the day I ended up with a Gen I insight over the Prius, best $1800 I ever spent.

Prior to that I had a 1982 diesel suburban that went running to the junkyard with 438,000 miles and minimal maintenance save starters and alternators.

I like to believe GM can beat Toyota in every way, after all they made the ev1 but as of yet they have not made the whole enchilada. They also have an image problem, until they address that they will have superior products ignored.

They just haven't found a way to sell to both Toyota fanboys and Joe Sixpack.

They also have not done what is necessary to level Toyota offerings silencing the dissenters and when they have come close they still get blamed for non-existent reliability issues.

GM needs more halo cars in the green arena but are still in the infancy mode with a few offerings
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