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Location for Dash Cam

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I'm about to head out on a 7k mile (Buh-Bye lifetime average) road trip and I figured a Dash Cam would be a good idea. I landed on the Garmin 45/55/65 Problem is, with the lane departure/collision alert thing under the mirror there is not much room for a Dash Cam.

Wondering where people have ended up putting dash cams? It seems there really is no good spot. Garmin says it won't stick reliably to the plastic under the mirror, which really is the best place.
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Here is the location of the one we have in the...


and our 2016

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scottf200, Thats exactly how I put in my blackvue.
In my Volts are 2K DDPai mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam 1440P.

I'm using the 4K Blackvue DR900S 2 Channel in my X. Just picked up the BLACKVUE B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack for use with it when it is parked.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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