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Location for Dash Cam

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I'm about to head out on a 7k mile (Buh-Bye lifetime average) road trip and I figured a Dash Cam would be a good idea. I landed on the Garmin 45/55/65 Problem is, with the lane departure/collision alert thing under the mirror there is not much room for a Dash Cam.

Wondering where people have ended up putting dash cams? It seems there really is no good spot. Garmin says it won't stick reliably to the plastic under the mirror, which really is the best place.
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This is a tricky one.
I'm right hand drive, so forgive me if I quote any arse-about locations...
Testing constantly; will never find Nirvana.

Have three cameras currently, two old Android phones with different webcam software, (another minefield), one mounted under the cars own camera similar to scottf200, although it sits even lower due to the mount. I don't like it there, but it is temporary, as I'm assessing it. Previously was accompanied by a phone mounted just to the left of the original camera module, snug right at the top of the windscreen on a heavily tinted section. This didn't impede my driving vision, and I'm 6 foot 6 inches tall.

Two more are at the rear. One sticks under the rear glass at the highest point not covered by the filter, and central.
It faces forward, (usually), and gets a good view from part way across the front passenger side glass to similar on the drivers side, and most critically can see over drivers shoulder and read the speedometer. This is my only dedicated dash cam, all others are old phones.

I've experimented extensively with cameras looking rearward from the lower window, (on my Volt this is the only glass not tinted).
Until recently, none of the cradles I procured could face the right way without extraordinary fiddling.
Then I happened apon a cheap cradle that was sticky enough with gluey stuff and vacuum tactics to mount straight on the rough plastic trim above the rear lower window.
As yet to hook up power to that one, but it has hung there for 10 days so far, and is more resilient to large loads impinging, (I'm relocating)

The rear cameras arguably obstruct my rear view, but not much, and I'm used to them now. All are now centrally mounted. Have considered hanging one from the interior light cluster, and offset units looking along the car from inside near the side windows. Haven't tried that, and expect it wouldn't cover much scene, but might help when presented in conjunction with main cameras.

I've easily spent over a thousand Australian dollars chasing this, haven't come to a significant conclusion save for, 'you get what you pay for'.
And, whenever footage is called apon for analysis, it isn't good enough.

Please lead me to my camera Nirvana.
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