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Link to Gen1 Manual

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There was a link to the Gen1 repair manual but I can't find it. Can some one post the link, show me where I can find it or to a pdf of manual I can down load.

The reason I need it is before I went on vacation I used the lug nut key to take off wheel to paint caliper and clean up corrosion on the back side of alloy. After I torqued the wheel I think I put it back in glove compartment where it was when I bought the car but now can't find it. I even cleaned up my garage (not a bad thing) in case I misplaced it. My local tire place thought I should contact Chevy dealer as it might be dealer installed to get replacement as if he removed it the wheel gets messed up in the process. I'm thinking it might have flipped out of the glove compartment at the back and down below. Short of manual showing how to remove glove compartment, any ideas of removing keyed lug nut?
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The glove compartment box is pretty easy to remove in gen 1. The cabin air filter is right behind it. Maybe search for a thread (or video) on replacing the cabin air filter.

Dealers do install these wheel locks sometime. And of course charge crazy amounts for them. My wife's Bolt-EV had dealer installed wheel locks.

You can also get manuals at:
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