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Lightning strike - not able to hold a charge but can still drive

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My 2012 Volt was plugged and actively being charged with my level 2 Blink branded charger on my driveway. Then a bolt of lightning struck approximately 30 feet away. The 30A breaker tripped. My car can still run but is not able to accept a charge.

- I have tried numerous chargers (friend, neighbors, various public ones). I'm 100% sure my car is not able to take a charge.
- I have checked various fuses that seemed to relate to anything with the EV aspect of the car. There is a 40A charging system fuse. All are intact via continuity tester.
- The larger fuses off the positive terminal off the 12Vdc battery are intact.
- I attempted to reset the computer by unplugging the negative terminal of the 12Vdc battery for a while. Made no difference.
- There IS a check engine light after I pulled and replaced a bunch of fuses. I have not checked it.
- When I plug in the various chargers, the car does not recognize it is even plugged in. So the dash says "plug in your car" and the car still lets me drive.
- I am still getting an audible and physical click. I have blown out the port w/ compressed air. It is not a charging port mechanical connection problem

Thoughts? I know I'm going to have to take it in to the dealer. But I'm looking to get a little smarter so I can be more engaged when I speak to the Volt-Technician and my insurance company. Note I am an electrical engineer, so feel free to get technical.

Thanks folks!
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Thanks for the pic. i'm totally going to open it up!
I'd advise again opening up that car-mounted charger, unless you really know what you are doing. Those orange cables go to the ~350v main battery which is quite capable of killing you in a spectacular display of Darwin Award winning video.
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