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Level 2 Charging Question

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I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm a bit confused. I have a 2018 Volt Premier and I'm looking to install level 2 charging at my house. I have a couple of questions because I read that I should have a 40amp breaker in the panel and I thought I could use a 30amp for the Volt. I'm also interested in being prepared for the future as much as possible without having to run a new line.

(1) Can I get away with this? Install a 30amp breaker in the panel with a 30amp line run to garage into a 240v 30amp outlet?

(2)Am I better off running 40amp or 50amp line from the breaker to the garage with the 30amp breaker and outlet (or do I need a 40amp breaker and outlet?)?

I have gotten some quotes and the higher amp line run is obviously more expensive so wondering your thoughts if I want to keep cost reasonable but also future proof. One of the electricians mentioned that he believes the amp ratings will come down in the future anyway, is this true?

Thanks for your help for a new and slightly confused Volt owner!
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Thanks for the quick replies! Yes, the quotes are about $90 difference for the entire job based on the line amps installed. Assuming the higher amperage line is a little more expensive and they probably have a little cushion in there as well. Luckily I got a few quotes because some were a lot more inflated than others!

So, sounds like I'd be good with a 40amp line (for future use). Should the amps for the breaker and outlet match whatever charger I get or do they need to match the line amps? That's where I'm a bit confused.

Also, I was thinking of some of these inexpensive charger on Amazon. Any I should avoid based on your experience or should I consider a more expensive option?
The circuit (essentially the wiring and breaker in this case) needs to support the maximum current draw of the Volt. For L2 charging that would be 15 amps for the generation 2 Volt without the increased charging capacity (available only in the 2019 model) or 30 amps with the increased charging capacity.

My recommendation, like others, is to future proof by installing higher amperage capable wiring (at least 40 amps, maybe more) as it is only a small, relatively speaking, incremental cost. For the breaker use a one rated for 30 amps (assuming you won't be using the increased charging capacity of the 2019 Volt). In the future if you need more than 30 amps the breaker can easily be swapped out with one that supports the higher requirements (up to the maximum supported by the rest of the circuit).
Thanks! Appreciate all the helpful repsonses!Exactly what I needed to know! Now I just need to pick a charger! Any recommendations on lower cost unit?
Many owners on this forum, including myself, use and recommend ClipperCreek EVSE (what you're referring to as a charger). Though I can't say they're the lowest cost.
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