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Level 1 Charger stopped working. Plz Help

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So, unfortunately, my level one charger failed on me last week and refused to charge anymore, this charger is covered only under the B2B 36k mile warranty. The thing is that I currently have 61k miles on my gen 2 and it is out of warranty. What are my options?
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I would like to help with the simple solution, but I'm out of the 3/36 warranty, as well. I have a Duosida L2 adapter (less than $200) for home use, and it works. The OEM adapter stays with the car for charging while away (wife uses it to charge at work). An alternative is to contact Clipper Creak and have them repair your original. Clipper Creak is the mfg of the Gen2 adapter. They may even cover it for shipping, or less. Call them!

If it were mine, I'd just repair it myself. It has to be something simple like a relay, fuse, or capacitor (common fail components, all made in the other country). The charge adapters are rather simple (and WAY overpriced for what they are). I have no problem with soldering components to a board. Have a local electrician or nerd look at it.
Another thing to consider is, if you replace your adapter, and do not intend to immediately accommodate L2 charging, you do not have to purchase a L1 adapter only. Almost all L2 adapters can be easily adapted to charge L1. This allows you to upgrade at any time in the future. In almost all cases, and in every case for portable adapters, only a plug adapter is needed. Also, the Gen2 L1 adapter can be easily adapted to charge at L2. I did this, in both directions, with 2 different charge adapters (OEM and Duosida).
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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