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Level 1 Charger stopped working. Plz Help

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So, unfortunately, my level one charger failed on me last week and refused to charge anymore, this charger is covered only under the B2B 36k mile warranty. The thing is that I currently have 61k miles on my gen 2 and it is out of warranty. What are my options?
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As in my original post, I specifically was told it was not VIN specific (added a comma), then it was suggested to me as a loophole by the customer service rep I spoke with, then I called the parts department at my local dealer to confirm. So, I figured that it was a moral grey area at best as there are no rules against it, but I'll back off of the idea of seeing as you guys aren't fond of it.

Everyone, thanks for the great Ideas regarding alternative EVSE options, I am looking at the duosida unit currently, and possibly having clipper creek repair my defective unit. I think the line that runs from the box to the plug has been damaged or severed internally from constant movement. The box shows green when I plug it in.
If the box is showing green, then it sounds like the problem is from the box to your car?!? Why don't you install a 240v outlet and get the $210 AmazingE level 2 EVSE. It's dirt cheap and it has Clipper Creek components.
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