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Lets keep it American Please

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I sincerely hope that the Volt when it is manufactured has at least 80 to 90 % North American content. I for one am sick and tired of going to any Home Center or store and finding that almost everything I consider buying is made overseas. So what is the first thing I find when I stumble across this website and click on performance for the Chevy Volt a popup ad for the 2009 Toyota Corolla. I will be honest I HATE IMPORTS PERIOD, the one Japaneese car I bought in my lifetime was a pile of you know what. Every time I hear a Toyota ad on the radio I turn it off or change the station the TV gets the same treatment. I have my deposit ready for the Volt and I have no problem waiting as both of my current vehicles are GM. ITS ABOUT TIME AMERICA WOKE UP AND STARTED SUPPORTING THIS COUNTRY IT MAY ALREADY BE TO LATE.
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How can we forget that most "foreign" and "Japanese" cars are assembled on American Soil and provide THOUSANDS of jobs to Americans who were laid off by American companies (Ford, GM, etc..) at their car plants. Not only that, they pay better too!

Don't be so biased.

While I think it's a great idea to keep the "made" in America, it's almost impossible with vehicles. Some nut, some bolt, some electronic piece will come from out of country.

BTW.. i've owned both American and currently own Japanese. I am happy with both sides.

The best part of being American is the given right to choose what I want to spend MY money on.
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