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Lets keep it American Please

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I sincerely hope that the Volt when it is manufactured has at least 80 to 90 % North American content. I for one am sick and tired of going to any Home Center or store and finding that almost everything I consider buying is made overseas. So what is the first thing I find when I stumble across this website and click on performance for the Chevy Volt a popup ad for the 2009 Toyota Corolla. I will be honest I HATE IMPORTS PERIOD, the one Japaneese car I bought in my lifetime was a pile of you know what. Every time I hear a Toyota ad on the radio I turn it off or change the station the TV gets the same treatment. I have my deposit ready for the Volt and I have no problem waiting as both of my current vehicles are GM. ITS ABOUT TIME AMERICA WOKE UP AND STARTED SUPPORTING THIS COUNTRY IT MAY ALREADY BE TO LATE.
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I couldn't agree more

The human mind is a terrible thing to waste. Every time I breeze through the automated toll road lane I am appalled that they still have humans manning the full service lanes. What a waste of human talent performing a job that certainly could be automated. Those people would be far more productive in a white collar job designing the Volt 2.0
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