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Less than 800kms - Ion Battery and Control Module Issue

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i have had my new 2017 volt for less than a week and it threw a engine warning light today. I called onstar and they said there was two codes - malifunction with the lithium ion battery and the integrated control module. Its booked in for Monday, anyone have similar issues? Its a bit concerning I was suppose to go away this weekend and now I can't.
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NP with my 11 month old 17. What were the codes associated with the two failures.
onstar said there was two codes however they gave me one and i got the speech about self diagnosing

the code they provided: p19fe

they verbally said:
- the vehicle electrical system is not preforming as it should
- the vehicles integration control system is having issues
- lithium battery conditions system is not functioning properly
Just an update,

Took it to a Volt service garage in the city and they said it needs a new coolant pump as the existing one works but not to what it should. They have to order the part in the meantime they said my car is 100% drive able still which is good.

Weird thing is when the codes popped up on the dash I called onstar and they booked me in the local GM garage, they had conferenced in a tech from the garage on the call as well. I said my car is a Volt and I didn't think you could service them here (I live in a small town outside the city) he said they could. I was surprised so I took the car down the next day and left it there, hour later I get a call - "We can't fix these cars here we don't do hybrid/electric cars". I just shake my head, I could have just went straight to the city.
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