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Less than 800kms - Ion Battery and Control Module Issue

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i have had my new 2017 volt for less than a week and it threw a engine warning light today. I called onstar and they said there was two codes - malifunction with the lithium ion battery and the integrated control module. Its booked in for Monday, anyone have similar issues? Its a bit concerning I was suppose to go away this weekend and now I can't.
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onstar said there was two codes however they gave me one and i got the speech about self diagnosing

the code they provided: p19fe

they verbally said:
- the vehicle electrical system is not preforming as it should
- the vehicles integration control system is having issues
- lithium battery conditions system is not functioning properly
Basically P19FE means your battery coolant pump is not operating at the speed it is being commanded (specifically slower or not at all)
So the dealer tech will follow the diagnostics that looks for circuit faults that might cause this or mechanical issues with the pump itself which would result in it needing to be replaced.

Should be pretty easy to diagnose and repair
There is really no potential worry as far as the battery itself is concerned as if it's cell temps were approaching/exceeding safe thresholds the system would first go into PPR (propulsion power reduced) or even shut the propulsion system down to mitigate cell damage due to excessive heat.

Don't think we've seen this DTC reported here on a Gen2 before so please keep us updated!

Wellcome to GM
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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