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LED Lighting

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I read that my 2018 Volt LT came standard with LED headlights and tail lights. I haven't been able to independently corroborate this information. Does anyone know specifically which lights are LED?
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I just looked at my 2018 Premier - the non-projector beam headlamp is most certainly a Halogen. NOT a HID. I couldn’t see the other bulb.
According to what the manual and online Silvania says, both are halogen.

Seems the LED may have been a bit more efficient, but they did not fit them from the factory it seems. I didn’t see an option for that either (but certainly I could have missed it)

I was under the impression that the low beams were LED on both trims.

Here is what Car & Driver says.

This is for a 2018 LT.

And here is from the 2018 brochure. The brochure also says the front reading lights and dome light are LED, on both trims.
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