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LED Lighting

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I read that my 2018 Volt LT came standard with LED headlights and tail lights. I haven't been able to independently corroborate this information. Does anyone know specifically which lights are LED?
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I just looked at my 2018 Premier - the non-projector beam headlamp is most certainly a Halogen. NOT a HID. I couldn’t see the other bulb.
According to what the manual and online Silvania says, it is halogen.

Seems the LED may have been a bit more efficient, but they did not fit them from the factory it seems. I didn’t see an option for that either (but certainly I could have missed it)


The manual AND the online lookup only mention the high beam.
Certainly the low beam may indeed be LED. I could only see one bulb, the non-projector one. I did not turn it on, but I’m assuming that is the high beam and the projector is low beam.

Looking at the Silvania ‘lookup’ again, I see nothing listed for the low beam- so it seems the low is indeed probably an LED.
I see the manual only talks about replacing the high beam bulb- it doesn’t even mention the low beam. It does say talk to your freindly dealer to replace any LEDs.
The turn signals are all ‘traditional’ bulbs if I’m not mistaken.

My mistake on the manual mentioning both bulbs. I fixed that in my post.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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