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LED Lighting

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I read that my 2018 Volt LT came standard with LED headlights and tail lights. I haven't been able to independently corroborate this information. Does anyone know specifically which lights are LED?
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Low beams and DRLs are LED, high beams are halogen. The rear tail and high-mount brake lights are LED, but the regular brake, backup, and license plate lights are incandescent. Turn signals, front and rear, are also incandescent. It makes sense this way because the lights that are continuously on are LED for lower power use, and the intermittently lit are incandescent for cost reasons. I replaced my brake lights with Philips LEDs because there is a bit of a safety improvement by doing so. (Immediate full illumination vs a couple hundred milliseconds - significant at highway speeds.)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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