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This looks reasonable to me, except the buyout 22k, but this is my 1st lease.
I'm ready to pull the trigger, but really want to know what Forum thinks,,.thoughts?

My mileage per month , work & errands is about 8,000, this is 1,071.

2013 Volt
$299.00 p/month
Months Remaining: 31 months

Actual Miles: 2,972 miles
Total Miles Allowed: 36,162
Miles Remaining: 33,190
Available Miles: 1,071 miles p/month
Original Lease Term: 36 months
Lease End Buyout: $22,397.20
Lease End Date: September 2016
Excess Miles Charge: $0.25 per mile

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Watch those miles if you have multiple vehicles. We found the Volt was saving so much money we would leave our other vehicles in the garage. We have to get a 2nd Volt to keep our mileage under the lease limit.
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