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Lease Offer - URGENT HELP! Should i sign off on this!?

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Hi everyone,

I am being offered what I think is a pretty good deal from Hooman Chevy and I want to get everyones opinions before pulling the trigger tonight...

2017 Chevy Volt LT
Summit White
Black Leather
Premium Bose Audio
12k miles / year
MSRP $36,015
Hooman Discount 1 - $2,522
Weekly Special $33,493

$270/month including tax for 36 months, total drive off of $270 (first month)

This seems like a pretty aggressive deal, can anyone here confirm?
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Look at it this way -- you're getting a lot of car for the money. If it works for you, go for it. Unless you absolutely have to have the killer deal. Life is short. You will love your Volt.
I disagree. Negotiate like a ferengi, get the deal of the decade, and consider buying instead of leasing. If you can't afford to buy it, you shouldn't be getting a new car. The $7500 fed tax credit and the state ev rebate will really help make this affordable, assuming you qualify.
Agree that when negotiating to buy/lease a vehicle, you never want to be in a hurry. Usually the seller will do their best to create a (false) sense of urgency. LOL

Weren't ferengi always unhappy and dissatisfied?
Only because if you accepted their deal too quickly then they are unhappy that they probably could have gotten a better deal.

Rule of acquisition #3: never spend more on an acquisition than you have to.
Unwritten rule: when no apparent rule applies, make one up.
One of my lessons after leasing a '13 is that I started driving way more than with my old ICE, and 12K mi./yr. was a constant restraint on my driving plans. Now I own my Volt and even 16K mi./yr. would be a problem.
True, the volt does cause you to drive more because you can get places ultra cheap, so saving fuel is no longer a concern. I'm not sure why more people aren't excited about my proposed $0 per month unlimited mileage deal. With the Bolt and TM3 coming out, the volt prices will plummet due to supply and demand. Who's going to be the first to score an LT for $15K after tax credits and rebates? Someone posted a few weeks back a theoretical way to get a volt for free by Justin paying sales tax. Someone's got too do it.
Reported you can lease up to 25K/year mileage...Obviously the lease cost would be more but I'd rather have that than to try and sell a 3 year old vehicle with relatively high mileage 48k (16K x3); the demand is probably shot and it could be near impossible to find a buyer who's willing to pay a penny more than trade in value...
Demand for used cas aside, the solution is to drive the car 200k miles and not worry about trade in value. Cars today last far longer than the typical 3 year lease.
Overwhelming majority of cars COULD "last" millions of miles with enough money...Floor pan rusts out, you could find a shop to replace it with a new one for the right price...The longer you own a car the more UNSCHEDULED maintenance rears it's ugly head which can reek havoc on your bank account and could give you anxiety wondering if the car will start...
You just keep telling yourself that to justify getting a new car every few years. I have yet to have a floor pan rust out in any of my cars, even at 200k miles. I have yet to spend anywhere close to the annual cost of a new lease or new car payment in repairs and maintenance. But one big reason to upgrade is for better safety features (air bags, traction control, stabilitrak, better made crumple zones, etc).
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