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Lease Offer - URGENT HELP! Should i sign off on this!?

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Hi everyone,

I am being offered what I think is a pretty good deal from Hooman Chevy and I want to get everyones opinions before pulling the trigger tonight...

2017 Chevy Volt LT
Summit White
Black Leather
Premium Bose Audio
12k miles / year
MSRP $36,015
Hooman Discount 1 - $2,522
Weekly Special $33,493

$270/month including tax for 36 months, total drive off of $270 (first month)

This seems like a pretty aggressive deal, can anyone here confirm?
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I agree on the extra items....however, maybe a call to your insurance agent could sway you with additional discounts for having those. They're newer technology so most companies don't see the value yet, however there are a few that do. Depending on the cost difference for the lease vs. any applicable insurance discounts, it might give you a few bucks/mo. savings.

Having a Gen 1 I definitely agree with the backup camera. The wide angle lens definitely helps when backing out of a blind parking spot and helps to see any potential oncoming cars.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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