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Lease Offer - URGENT HELP! Should i sign off on this!?

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Hi everyone,

I am being offered what I think is a pretty good deal from Hooman Chevy and I want to get everyones opinions before pulling the trigger tonight...

2017 Chevy Volt LT
Summit White
Black Leather
Premium Bose Audio
12k miles / year
MSRP $36,015
Hooman Discount 1 - $2,522
Weekly Special $33,493

$270/month including tax for 36 months, total drive off of $270 (first month)

This seems like a pretty aggressive deal, can anyone here confirm?
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The major parts of a lease are the purchase price, the MSRP, the residual, the cash down, and the interest rate. It's very hard to review a lease without knowing all the charges and costs.

That said, if it's really $270 without a big down then it's definitely fair for what you're getting. Note, however, that if you live in a CARB state, which you do, you can get a better deal since GM picks up more money for the ZEV credits. Look at the Rydell website. I think you'll see cars offered for more off.

Agree that when negotiating to buy/lease a vehicle, you never want to be in a hurry. Usually the seller will do their best to create a (false) sense of urgency. LOL

I disagree. Negotiate like a ferengi
Weren't ferengi always unhappy and dissatisfied?
Only because if you accepted their deal too quickly then they are unhappy that they probably could have gotten a better deal.
So basically they're always unhappy, which was my pont. LOL The first rule in negotiation is to make the deal work for you. What works for one person may not work for another. And since there is always a better deal out there somewhere, or at least someone willing to claim they have a better deal, chasing "the best" will likely only make you unhappy.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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