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Very new to leasing, all deals seem similar from the dealers I have spoken with. Is there room for more savings?

This is basically my best so far, is it the best I can do? Rough numbers are:
MSRP ~40,100
Discount 3160
Selling Price 37000
Doc Prep 80
License: 340
tire fee 8.75
Acquisition 595
Tax on Collected items (what is this BTW) 675
Cap Initial Fee 400
Total Cap 39100
Rebate Savings 7485
Net 31600
Monthly 395 (tax is included) (360/mo 35/mo tax)
Zero down

Any help is appreciated. Tried to do the math on other leases posted but it wasn't always clear if all the fees were paid at drive off or worked into lease or what the the total monthly included/excluded.
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