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Leaky caliper

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Just a week ago I was thinking how reliable my 2013 Volt was. Then on Tuesday, I got a low brake fluid warning light. Checking under the hood, I was able to confirm the fluid was low. I was able to get to the dealer that same day. They confirmed a leaky caliper and refilled the reservoir. The new caliper is at the dealer and will be replaced tomorrow.
Anyone else have a leaky caliper?
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I either, which is why I decided to post. My surmise is a piston seal was compromised, but I don't know that. I will ask the dealer if I may see the defective part. I believe the cost will be in the $400 range.
Is it a warranty repair?
You're going to pay them that much for a simple caliper R&R?

Oreilly Auto Parts lists a Volt caliper for $71 locally. And any small auto shop could swap it out and bleed the brakes.
It's probably the same exact caliper as used on the Cruze and who knows what else....

I'd do it for only $200 if you were near me! :p
You could get caliper rebuilding kits in the past that were just the O-Ring and a dust seal. 400 is a huge rip off. There was probably moisture in there and a little rust built up on the piston causing it to tear the O-Ring. Clean up the piston, toss in new seals and good to go.
Nobody 'rebuilds' their own calipers anymore. Why bother when a beautiful factory rebuilt unit is $71?

I'm wondering if salt, winter slush, and lack of use because of regen has created a corrosion or pitting of the piston surface.
The seals protect the piston from the environment.
What goes bad is the grease in the floating caliper 'sliders'. If these parts get sticky the caliper doesn't float and center itself on the disc as the pads wear.
All cars need these sliders cleaned and re-lubed before the pads wear out,,, generally,,, but especially on Hybrids, PHEV's and BEV's.

Of course this is not what the OP is talking about. His is leaking brake fluid.

Cheap Fix. Especially if the pads didn't get wet with fluid.
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