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Leaky caliper

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Just a week ago I was thinking how reliable my 2013 Volt was. Then on Tuesday, I got a low brake fluid warning light. Checking under the hood, I was able to confirm the fluid was low. I was able to get to the dealer that same day. They confirmed a leaky caliper and refilled the reservoir. The new caliper is at the dealer and will be replaced tomorrow.
Anyone else have a leaky caliper?
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I don't recall seeing any leaky caliper posts in the past 6 years. You may be the first, or one of a very rare few who have had this issue.
I either, which is why I decided to post. My surmise is a piston seal was compromised, but I don't know that. I will ask the dealer if I may see the defective part. I believe the cost will be in the $400 range.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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