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Leaky caliper

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Just a week ago I was thinking how reliable my 2013 Volt was. Then on Tuesday, I got a low brake fluid warning light. Checking under the hood, I was able to confirm the fluid was low. I was able to get to the dealer that same day. They confirmed a leaky caliper and refilled the reservoir. The new caliper is at the dealer and will be replaced tomorrow.
Anyone else have a leaky caliper?
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I'm wondering if salt, winter slush, and lack of use because of regen has created a corrosion or pitting of the piston surface.
More like absorbed moisture in the DOT 3 or DOT4 brake fluid.
Could also be a dud seal = rare.

Reason why I flush the brake fluid every 2 years or 40,000Km per old Australian / Japanese car maintenance schedule and guess what..., re lube slides & even with high end of life km's and keeping vehicles 15+ I've never had to replace any brake hydraulic components ever.

Other people who have skimped on brake fluid flushes (Or their workshop never ever actually performed them) have needed a bank loan for a HUGE brake job besides the usual pads and discs - which on a BEV EV we should never wear out :)

What I do see is some vehicles much worse than others - maybe the venting of the brake fluid reservoir ?
Think the Volts (2013) does a better job than most - when changed at 2 years...... (remember there is also the ABS which is also difficult to flush without a dealer computer and thorough technician).

GM schedule 5 years .... too late as it can be a cloud corrosion soup from moister ingress over time by then.
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