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Late Introduction

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Well, I suppose I should introduce myself.
I am the proud owner of a custom electronics design and installation company. As a THX Certified Cinema Designer the majority of our business is residential custom audio/video and high-end home theater systems. We also do alot of lighting control systems, security, surveillance, and electronic systems integration and automation. We also do commercial audio system design and installations for live performing arts venues, recording studios, film screening rooms, hotels, clubs, conference centers, etc.
I have an extensive background as a recording studio engineer, live sound engineer, performing arts lighting designer, and acoustics.

I am currently forming a subsidiary focused on green energy infrastrucures for micro communites. Most of these sub divisions and communites already spend $millions on water, sewer, roads, parks, etc. and we feel grid tied small scale alternative energy systems provide the greatest benefit at this scale. The response has been enormous and we are currently working on a green energy community with combination hydro, photovoltaic, wind, and thermal solar heating.

I've traveled all over the US and to many european and middle east countries for business but now just travel for pleasure...I'm happy to be living in Montana (the fourth largest state) where the water and air is clean, people are friendly and the population is less than Rhode Island.:rolleyes: