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It works like a 100 percent electric car, but the driving distance is as much as 611 kilometers.

This electric car has a major key feature. But let's talk a little bit about the characteristics. Chevy Volt is a five-door hatchback, has four seats, is well-equipped and drives on a clean battery charge the first 60 km, and then uses gasoline to replenish the charge. Yes, you heard right. The Volt has a generator that converts gasoline into clean energy to charge the battery. The internal combustion engine does not directly turn the wheels of the car under any circumstances. When the battery is depleted, starts a 1.4-liter gasoline engine, thanks to which the electric car and reaches those same 611 km travel distance.

Expect the next generation of Volt 2016 in the second half of 2015. The changes that have been made to the updated model will be clearly visible to the veteran in the purchase of electric cars, than for the newcomer to the ranks of the owners of this miracle. Angular shapes, large lines, futuristic look and interior details have been updated to more bends in the back, a wider setting of the machine and a simplified dashboard. The changes turned out to be quite aesthetic.
If you are now deciding to purchase Volt, the most serious issue that you need to decide right now is whether to buy the 2015 version now or wait for the 2016 generation presentation. The visual part of the changes you already know about, having read the information above. Therefore, before you dive into the study version of 2015, I offer you a detailed journey through the additions to the upcoming generation of Chevrolet Volt.

Hands of the largest American Automobile Corporation General Motors, meeting expectations, was made a good calibration of the entire system and improved visual appeal along with many significant improvements:

More quickly. 12% more efficient performance and 45 kg lighter weight of the two electrical pulse systems. GM engineers have achieved synchronous operation of these two motors. Thanks to this synergy between the engines, it is able to accelerate from 0 to 48 km/h in 2.6 seconds, compared to 3.2 seconds in its predecessor. And from 0 to 100 km in 8.4 seconds. The volume of the new gasoline internal combustion engine is now 1.5 liters (1.4 in the current model).

Longer range. This moment care about the customers, always less than others. The next generation Volt will now allow a single charge to drive a maximum of 80 km before turning on the help of gasoline. And on gasoline, the efficiency percentage will even improve slightly. This range is now sealed in 18.4 kWh battery system.

5-seater. This is due to the fact that in today's model under any conditions can accommodate only four people. Therefore, GM emphasizes and claims that the new Chevy Volt is capable of 5 seats. There's a battery tunnel under the fifth person in the floor. But this is not an obstacle.

More intuitive control panel. In the first generation model, the market did not take Central control very well. Therefore, the number of buttons and icons is optimized and reduced. In 2016, the models promise a clearer control system and, as a result, improved intuitiveness. The display is enlarged by 8 inches (20 cm).

Quite a lot of interesting minor changes are also present. And these include finding and taking into account the "blind spots", which provides assistance in rebuilding, the system of control and assistance of traffic on the strip, the ability to use conventional gasoline, not premium, the ability of the driver to switch to regenerative brakes (automatic braking when moving forward), rear view camera, storage of the charging cable in the trunk. The machine body is more durable and lightweight to achieve using high strength steel.

Specifications Of Chevrolet Volt

Availability: Now
Base price: $35,200
Tax benefits: $7,500
Technology: Electric Hybrid
Body type: Sedan
Number of seats: 4
Distance of ride: 40 km on electricity + gasoline
Battery size: 17 kWh
Charging rate: 3.3 kW
The view of Volt 2015 is very angular. And in General, it seems to me, does not create a face that can be followed by other generations of electric cars.

But its appearance hides good aerodynamics. On the road, it easily slips through the air, there is no sense of obstacles and collisions with the air flow.

If the road will go this Volt and Chevrolet Cruze, you will notice the similarity. Volt external basis took from him. In the 2015 version you will not see the elegance of modern innovation, it is presented to us with the basis of the classic sedan.I think GM designers have encountered some problems here. Actually, trying to combine an unremarkable design with black plastic inserts on the doors and using a shiny material that looks pretty cheap. So far, the design of the Chevrolet Volt 2015 does not accept modernity, given not only those black stripes, but also stylized rear-view mirrors, protruding flat rear spoiler. But, there is one beautiful and very interesting detail is the rear lights. They really distinguish this machine from all. And people, I'm sure, looking after this electric car, will say that it looks pretty good.We confidently approach the discussion of the most critical volume of parts that are in the cabin. The driver will be confronted with the difficulties of driving this electric vehicle. For example, search indicator PRNDL (transmission sensor) or excessive load buttons on the Central control panel. In General, this giant glossy center console (in white looks even more). It has the vast majority of very small buttons and even more choices on the touch screen.And another thing that can be subjected to substantial criticism is a poor narrow view through the rear window.
With the power of the Chevrolet Volt is all right. This attraction is provided by the 111-kilowatt electric motor with 149 horsepower. Can be said, that this the motor instantaneously the flow of energy to wheels.

The most important difference from other hybrids, like the Prius or the all-electric LEAF, is the "athletic" driving. As a professional athlete, it is good to perform their driving task. Especially when switching from "Normal" to "Sport" mode. And some critics who are very disliked this machine for lack of power, will be surprised.
Note: changing to "Sport" mode does not change anything, except for the impact on the pedal, in which just a smaller press provides a large supply of power and energy.The feeling of fast and nimble ride is fully accompanied by a confident clear control and manipulation. If General Motors would have kicked a little more this performance indicator, this electric car would not have suited many drivers because of the very strong agility.The torque is 370 Newton meters (n * m). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km in about 9 seconds and a top speed of 160 km/h. But after reading all this, I advise you to try this powerful flow of energy on their own experience. Feel the wow-factor (surprise, euphoria) will make you instant torque and silence. It is this most amazing moment in the car that makes Volt owners praise this electric car.The quietness is also in the fact that you absolutely will not hear any clumsy sounds when switching between electric and gasoline energy consumption systems.
But engineers are less fortunate in developing a braking system for this version of the Volt. There is an internal contradiction about this, because it seems that they were busy with performance, and make the same ideal and the brakes they just did not have enough time. At the first moments of releasing the gas pedal, which starts the regenerative braking process, the driver creates an excessive feeling of losing the pedal under his foot. This feeling should eventually evaporate and you get used to it.
This controversial electric vehicle is powered by 181 kilogram lithium-ion battery (battery system) containing 16 kWh of energy. That and allows it to go on clean energy from weapons 60 kilometers (or a bit more). An electric motor of 150 horsepower drives only the front wheels. But 60 km on one charge for an electric car is not normal at all, so without a gasoline (in our case, 1.4 liters in volume) additional engine there was clearly not enough. And why is it that GM uses on many conservative battery that is 80% less capacity than the competition.
As I previously wrote that the gasoline engine, which turns on after a complete depletion of the battery, directly in any case does not turn the wheels directly. It only works as a generator and energizes the batteries.Owners Volt 2015 assure that 60 km of charge is enough and they rarely go beyond this charge.The EPA (environmental protection Agency) provided official figures that estimated the consumption of Volt, when driving solely for battery power, at 98 MPG (1 liter per 41 kilometer). When the battery is emptied and the gasoline engine starts, this figure drops to 35 MPG (1 liter per 14.8 kilometers). The gasoline engine gives Volt an additional approximately 482 km.
Charging you will have to make quite often, compared to other electric cars. Therefore, I advise you to pour gasoline for greater peace of mind, though 60 km is so scanty. The volume of the tank is 35 liters. Just be careful, do not often allow full discharge and gasoline refueling you will visit no more than once a month.Included is a portable charging cord that fits a 120-volt socket. The battery is fully charged from it for 10-16 hours.Volt uses the j1772 connector standard, which supports charging from the 240-volt connector. And then in an hour you will add yourself to 16-20 km In 3-4 hours it is fully charged.
The 2015 version has 4 seats. For seats located in the tunnel, holding the T-shaped Volt battery. The trunk behind the rear seats has a free space of 0.3 cubic meters, the same volume and electric hybrids from Ford and Honda. The downed design and wide racks create big problems with the review at drivers.
The insurance Institute of Road Safety awarded the 2015 model a "Good" rating (the highest rating) for all four test parameters. The national Directorate of Traffic Safety on Highways of the USA (NHTSA) has awarded the Volt, 5 stars (the highest score) on tests for rollover and side crashes, 4 stars for frontal impact. The overall impressive score from NHTSA was 5 stars.The list of standard options is that the ABS, stability control, 10 airbags (including knee), etc. Also smart telematics system OnStar warns about crashes, causes roadside assistance (on request) allows remote unlocking of the doors, provides assistance in case of theft and a complete navigation system.

GM announced a price reduction (compared to the previous version) of $5,000. The price for this interesting electric car starts at $35,170. And this price gives it an advantage in comparison with such instances as electric hybrid Toyota Prius and Ford Focus. And it makes a good offer for drivers who appreciate the power and rarely drive long distances.
Here you need to think carefully about what cars to put on a par with the Chevrolet Volt 2015. In comparison with such popular models as hybrids Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, and electric versions of the Ford C-Max and Fusion, Volt has a huge advantage in range, as all of these models have about 16-32 km of distance on one charge.Well think about that, do you have opportunities 2015 Volt 40 miles on the battery. The advantage this gives the electric vehicle in connection with a reduction in its price. Now some think well when choosing a productive and inexpensive electric car.
Chevrolet Volt has historically been available in dealers ' salons since mid-2011. Buying subsequent versions was no different from the original. And the discussed version became available in the middle of 2015.

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Both an Amazing and a sad moment at the same time.
I feel GM do not have the EV hybrid blood in corporate.... If Toyota could make a continuing success of a Hybrid why couldn't GM?
I know GM want only EV, but a EV and EV Hybrid they would have all the bases covered.
Wonder if it is a financial only decision where EV only is more profitable?
Looks like the competitors have won as GM rapidly down sizes like Ford in the passenger car market.
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