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Last Bolt EV smuggled out of the People's Republic of South California?

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I believe I'm the owner of the very last Bolt to make it past the California export embargo. It's a Silver Premier that I purchased from Rydell two weeks ago while it was still in transit. It's been sitting on their lot for the last week waiting for a shipper who's daring enough to brave all the winter storms we've been having and deliver it to Salt Lake City. I just got word that it's finally being loaded up on a truck today and should be here by Friday.

So I think I'm the last person to get one out of California and maybe the first to get one here in Utah. Does anyone know anything otherwise?
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On a side note, I am really tempted to take my Bolt down to DC during the press event at the DC Auto Show tomorrow, park it with the test drive Bolts they probably will have there, and then go "Hey *random GM exec*, look at me in my MD Bolt! Screw your rollout plan!" when they come out to do the test drives, and just drive away blasting Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.
Aren't Bolts available in MD yet? There are several available in VA. I am going this weekend to check one out.
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