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Last Bolt EV smuggled out of the People's Republic of South California?

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I believe I'm the owner of the very last Bolt to make it past the California export embargo. It's a Silver Premier that I purchased from Rydell two weeks ago while it was still in transit. It's been sitting on their lot for the last week waiting for a shipper who's daring enough to brave all the winter storms we've been having and deliver it to Salt Lake City. I just got word that it's finally being loaded up on a truck today and should be here by Friday.

So I think I'm the last person to get one out of California and maybe the first to get one here in Utah. Does anyone know anything otherwise?
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One sure fire way to find out if they'll sell out of state...

"I heard you're not suppose to sell out of state but I'm willing to pay five thousand over MSRP"...

GM told dealers not to sell the Gen1 Volt over MSRP at launch but had zero consequences if a dealer did...(Individual dealer groups such as AutoNation enforced consequences)
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