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Last Bolt EV smuggled out of the People's Republic of South California?

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I believe I'm the owner of the very last Bolt to make it past the California export embargo. It's a Silver Premier that I purchased from Rydell two weeks ago while it was still in transit. It's been sitting on their lot for the last week waiting for a shipper who's daring enough to brave all the winter storms we've been having and deliver it to Salt Lake City. I just got word that it's finally being loaded up on a truck today and should be here by Friday.

So I think I'm the last person to get one out of California and maybe the first to get one here in Utah. Does anyone know anything otherwise?
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I wouldn't be bragging about this until the car is in your possession. GM can quickly stop sale that car and come down on Rydell.
There was nothing shady about this purchase, the deal and was inked just before the GM embargo began. None of this is a secret to GM.
You may be the last Bolt smuggler! Last person I heard "smuggle" a Bolt out just had theirs delivered to Georgia a few days ago. I believe I was one of the first smugglers with my MD Bolt. :p

Bolt smugglers unite! We should start a group on Voltstats. :D
bro1999, you were the one who inspired me to buy a CA Bolt in the first place. So I shall deem ye Captain Bro, King of all Bolt smugglers.
Can't help quietly humming "Smuggler's Blues" reading this thread! Keep it up guys, and OP, we want to see some pics!!

I didn't get any pictures of my actual car from the dealer but Forbes published a article on Sunday with a picture of all the Bolts on the Rydell lot and there is a silver premier that I want to believe is mine. :)

"The Bolt Smugglers" group has been created on Boltstats! Join up guys! Only condition is you can't be a CA/OR resident. :p
Too much fun, I love it!

On a side note, my sales rep told me that the State of California leaned on GM to stop Bolt EV exports because they were worried about lost tax revenue. I'm not sure if that makes more sense than the theory that GM didn't want out of state service centers to have to deal with the Bolt before they were trained/equipped to do so.

In any event I be a Bolt smugglin' pirate 'n as such I refuse to worry 'bout trivial thin's such as these.
I'm in! I guess I wasn't the last one after all...
It's still cool to be a Bolt Smuggler no matter what. I'll be joining you guys shortly. :)
It's finally here and I couldn't be happier. :) The only problem is that it's not registered and the DMV isn't open on Saturdays. But bolt smugglers have no regard fer th' law 'n don't concern ourselves thin's such as these.

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If there are dealers within 50 miles, why 'smuggle' one across borders, sorry I am not following this?
GM is initially selling Bolt EVs only in California and then planning on slowly rolling them out to the rest of the country over the course of the next 9 months. A handful of people who don't live in California were able to buy a Bolt over the phone from a California dealer and have them delivered to them in another state before GM told the California dealers that they were not allowed to sale to out of state buyers. There were at least 4 of us who were lucky enough to get a Bolt from outside of California before out of state sales were stopped. We're jokingly calling ourselves the "Bolt Smugglers" and created a group on
Man!... This sounds sooo like 1970's Communist Poland :)
Where is this country heading, i ask!
Insert blame (Trump/Obama) joke here. ;)

And on a side note, I was browsing plug share for CCS chargers in my area and someone named Allen with a Utah phone number checked in with a Bolt EV at the Lehi EVgo station on Januaray 16th. So it looks like my Bolt is not the first one in Utah. I'd be interesting in hearing about Allen's experience if he's out there anywhere.
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