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Anyone who was thinking about upgrading in the next few months. Inventory levels will be dropping and that is a fact. Production to CA dealers was cut into a 6th of what we need. Take advantage now of the great programs and the inventory that exists. For the LAST five days we will be offering an additional 500.00 value off or normal deal of 3000 back of invoice . Our goal this weekend to is to sell out of Volts. Hurry down and grab yours.

All rebates are passed on to customers, vehicles that have add ons are sold at new car cost, all deals are plus tax and lic, doc and applicable fees.

If you were worried about pull ahead use the 500 towards it.

Time to get your new VOLT


818 231 1286

Bolt Buyers from this Forum .. I will do the additional 500 off on those as well. Save up to 4500 from selling price !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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