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Lane Keep Assist or Forward Collision Alert Issues Campaign #39570: Service Update

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I got my Volt 2017 Premium in November. It took a while to get used to the Lane Assist feature, and the Adaptive Cruise Control.
I have noticed that if the driver uses the lane assist, the correction turn (back into the lane) becomes bigger and bigger, until a manual intervention is required, otherwise you will drive out of the lane or off the road. In engineering terms, the feedback loop is too slow, resulting in an ever increasing correction, or wave that gets out of control. I recommend do not try this unless you are alone in the middle lane without anyone around you. And one may look like a drunk driver, while testing this.
A solution would be to start the correction before the lane limit is crossed, in other-words the correction starts when you are 1-2 feet away from the lane line. This would require much smaller correction and return the car to the center of the lane. The lane assist would try to keep the Volt in the middle, rather than react to crossing lane.
It seems like this is a programming issue, could be solved with a Service Pack update, or new version? What are other drivers experiencing? Any thoughts?
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My ELR doesn't have active LKA, but, the alert thing is just as annoying. I leave it off.
A (small) safety test by the EU years ago found that LDW was actually _worse_ than useless.
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