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Lane Keep Assist or Forward Collision Alert Issues Campaign #39570: Service Update

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I got my Volt 2017 Premium in November. It took a while to get used to the Lane Assist feature, and the Adaptive Cruise Control.
I have noticed that if the driver uses the lane assist, the correction turn (back into the lane) becomes bigger and bigger, until a manual intervention is required, otherwise you will drive out of the lane or off the road. In engineering terms, the feedback loop is too slow, resulting in an ever increasing correction, or wave that gets out of control. I recommend do not try this unless you are alone in the middle lane without anyone around you. And one may look like a drunk driver, while testing this.
A solution would be to start the correction before the lane limit is crossed, in other-words the correction starts when you are 1-2 feet away from the lane line. This would require much smaller correction and return the car to the center of the lane. The lane assist would try to keep the Volt in the middle, rather than react to crossing lane.
It seems like this is a programming issue, could be solved with a Service Pack update, or new version? What are other drivers experiencing? Any thoughts?
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Campaign #39570: Service Update - Front Camera Freezes
A Service Update Bulletin was released last month for possible issues with the camera features such as Lane Keep Assist LKA) or Forward Collision Alert (FCA) delivering driver warnings when not near the lane lines or without an object in front of them. There is a software update for the forward camera module to address the issue.

This pertains to CERTAIN 2016 and 17 Volts with FCA/LKA


Like most service update campaigns GM will not be notifying owners but the service (if necessary) will instead be completed on your next service visit.

SOME dealers may call Volt owners they have worked with in order to perform the updates

If you wish to determine if the update pertains to your car you can call the Customer Support Team OR call your dealer with your VIN

I was in for P2097 and they did this at the same time.

FCA is deactivated after the update is applied. If the cruise control is on,* pressing the FCA button just gives a warning that FCA is deactivated. Turning off cruise control allows you to re-activate FCA and then everything works as normal.

This is probably in the manual, but it provided a couple of minutes of frustration for me and I'm still not sure why FCA activation is connected to the cruise control.

* I don't mean "engaged", but just "on", i.e., the cruise control icon is white.
Something obviously went wrong with the update. They will have to either deal with DTCs that are set inhibiting the system, or to re-do the software in the event of some sort of corruption that took place.
See your dealer!
Perhaps I was not clear, but FCA is working fine now, it was just odd that I had to turn off cruise to accomplish that.
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