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Kia Dealer called today about my interest in their Nero hybrid

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The local Kia dealer called me today to tell me that they'll be getting another Nero hybrid in in the next week or so. I told him Sorry, too little, too late as I'd already bought a Volt. These dealers have got to know that they're losing sales by not having cars of this nature available on their lots. Even my Volt was the only one they had and I'd held it for a couple of weeks before picking it up...they said they could have sold it a couple of more times while it was still there.
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A friend from out of town stayed with us last week and he had a new Nero. I liked the looks -- though all the compact CUVs look the same to me. He loves it. He said he gets 50+ MPG and can put his bike in the back. The only problem is that after driving an EV the drivetrain on the Nero seemed insanely clunkly and balky. In truth it's still a small vehicle.
After driving an EREV like the Volt, a simple hybrid is well, "old tech"
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