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Succeeded getting new fob for 2013 working. Bought from GM Wholesale for about $40, was exact match. Programmed myself using instructions in manual, had the key cut for $30 at locksmith. Now where to keep it? If stored in car would allow start if car was broken into? Keep at home but inconvenient if far away? Hide-a-key - but it could be found.

Locksmith suggested a non-chipped key cut to match ($6 + $30) that would get you into car but not start it.

Any suggestions?
I have a 2013 and one of the FOBs quit working. I tried replacing the battery but no luck. HomeSteadElectric mention getting a FOB for $40 from GM Wholesale. I went to and the transmitter (key FOB) is discontinued. Is there somewhere else I can find one? I'm paranoid the other keyFOB will die and I'll be forced to pay a small fortune at the dealer. Thanks!
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