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I would like to find a way to source the NFC chip that is in the FOB and put in my cell phone case. IIRC, the key fob has two components when you open it up. It has the circuit board/battery which operates the button functions and it has a chip which is glued to the bottom half of the case. I believe this is the chip that is registered with the vehicle for keyless operation.

I would like to find the source of this chip and buy it so I can program it like a fob and put it in my cell phone case or wallet to alleviate the need to carry the FOB.

On early Honda keys, the transmitter was a T5 chip and you could buy them for a dollar or two and get them programmed. I believe the same thing can happen here.

If anyone has a fob that they would like to send me, even if it doesn't work, I would be interested in doing some experiments.

If anyone is able to find the manufacturer of the chip, let me know. Below is the bottom of the FOB case. Perhaps someone can share with me their case so we can try to figure out what might be a part number.

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