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Keyes Volts

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Volt 12 more to pick from

1500 down 239 plus tax
with conquest or comp lease or 500 more down

like vin JU139964
Base Volt
10k lease
36 month

12k 20.00 more a month
15k 35.00 more a month

818 231 1286
hurry down
Sold 10 of these from the post /
Not sure who called me been doing this for 6 years and try to make it simple .
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I couldn't make a lick of sense from your original post - I'm now guessing maybe you're a Chevy dealer with cars for sale?
Or it's one of those hidden code Russian spy things.:confused:

Yeah, poorly drafted post. Does this forum charge for posting with more words?
Or maybe he's a very busy 'business man' :cool:and doesn't have the time for Capital letters or punctuation.

Oh well. It appears I was completely wrong (again) - They're NOT 'For Sale' . . . . they're just leases
Or maybe he is just a typical 'Car Salesman' :mad:and doesn't like anything in writing so he can hide his tracks (tricks).
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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