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Volt 12 more to pick from

1500 down 239 plus tax
with conquest or comp lease or 500 more down

like vin JU139964
Base Volt
10k lease
36 month

12k 20.00 more a month
15k 35.00 more a month

818 231 1286
hurry down
Sold 10 of these from the post /
Not sure who called me been doing this for 6 years and try to make it simple .
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Not like the old days when I would have had 20 responses on this forum. We did sell two from it yesterday, but the chatter sure has been a lot less?
I am really not sure how you contacted me because I do not see a contact in my email or on my phone that has not been handled, but my apologies if this occurred. I think that makes me 9998 out of 10000. I do pride myself on quick and beneficial responses.

rick 818 231 1286
I am sorry perhaps the phone was having issues. As i have stated on many threads I do not address the private message on this site. Between email and text and some phone calls I chose to not use that source so again I am sorry. I am in store today and tomorrow to help those who want to take advantage of the current deals.

Thank you again


818 231 1286
text is best !
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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