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Just for the record we have not quoted any prices or any deal or leases because we have not been invoiced for any Bolts as of yet and do not know if any programs will be available above what has already been published. Often times the incentive portion of GM website comes available at same time as invoices. There have been erroneous accounts of price gouging etc. Since it has been my policy since day one I am sorry if any misinformation has been given. Like with the Volt, Integrity is always important to me. For 5 years I have posted my cell in case there are questions and for 5 years I answer very quickly.
Rick Alpern
General Manager
Keyes Chevy
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Why can't you give a minimum guarantee of a discount like Rydell has? You don't need the invoice to guarantee a $1k discount??
Shady stuff Rick. Why not just say right here right now you will charge MSRP or less? Is that so hard?
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