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Key fob part number?

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Searched and searched. Cannot seem to find the correct part number for 2014 ELR 5-button keyfob replacement. One of mine went through a Maytag heavy cycle and is toast.
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I picked up an ELR with only one key. Has anyone been able to add a new key with the procedures in the owner's manual using an existing key fob? The instructions is turning the key counter-clock 5 times after opening the trunk to enable the add key menu. Turning it counter-clock is not possible due to open button on the trunk trim. I also took out the silver trim to find out the lock only turns in 1 direction, clock-wise.

The directions to added another key appear to be the same across all Caddy models around the same years. The key part being turning the physical key counter-clock.

The see the alternate instructions for adding another key without an existing key. Takes a little longer but still require turning it counter-clock.
I took out the silver trim & license plate light. The lock does not turn CCW. Seems the only way is by the diagnostic tool. Local dealers in Orange County CA wants $160.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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