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Key fob part number?

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Searched and searched. Cannot seem to find the correct part number for 2014 ELR 5-button keyfob replacement. One of mine went through a Maytag heavy cycle and is toast.
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Open it up, pull the board out and take an old toothbrush and scrub it down with some rubbing alcohol and let it dry out a day or two. Pop in a new battery and it will probably work...

Mines been through the wash a lot of times :/
For that price, they should at least throw the key in.
If you old fob is truly dead, you can simply push the button to release and keep your old cut backup key.

I'd still like to know if the new Cadillac fobs are programmable to the ELR.
The part number is unique to the ELR, but I would imagine something else would program to the car. You could always pick up a cheap one on eBay and give it a shot.
Well I tired pairing a loaner CTS-V key I had when the ELR was in for service and I picked up/dropped after hours for funsies and it didn't work. I assume they are different frequencies.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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