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Not a volt.. but it's a cool EV!

I passed one of these on the way to work today.. Never seen one before

Vehicle Type - Extended-Range -Electric Vehicle
Frame/Construction Aluminium

981 ft.-lbs.
403 HP

Battery Capacity
21 kWh

Charge Time
24 minutes to 80% charge
on 40 KW DC/DC Charger

Driving Range
80 km (50 miles)(all electric), 480 km (300 miles) total

Solar Roof Output
200 W - Provides up to 1 600 km per year of driving range from the sun!
Land vehicle Vehicle Supercar Automotive design Car

Not sure if this is the same model I seen it's a little older.

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I spotted this Karma in the Sam's Club parking lot back in May of 2015:



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They had a booth display and a bunch of them at the Concours d'Elegance in Georgia last week. I wonder if they are still catching fire...
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