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Just Purchased my 2nd 2015 Spark EV Today!

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I simply love my 2013 Volt (lease is over in November 2015) and my 2015 Spark EV (color: Salsa). I needed a $7500 federal tax credit so I purchased another 2015 Spark EV (Summit White) today. They are so hard to find - even here in the land of the EV - California. When I found it I jumped on it. I'm hoping to pick up my 2016 Volt any day now but I cannot imagine it will be as quick and fast as my Spark EV even though I'm hearing in this Forum that the acceleration is markedly faster than the Gen I. The Volt and Spark EV are two different cars in my mind but equally wonderful! If you have not driven a Spark EV please do so if you have the chance - so fast and agile!
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Awesome! I just got my 15 spark EV 2 days ago and love it! When my Volt lease is up I'll consider another Volt.
Congrats on the car. When looking at cars early this year I test drove the Spark EV. I actually thought it handled a lot like the Volt. Seemed very familiar. It's a torque monster though. No question about that.
Congrats on your new car!
I, too, have a Volt and Spark EV, and love both. It's hard deciding which car to take to work every morning. :)
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