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Just picked up 2012 Volt

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Hi, I just picked up a 2012 volt with 50k on it. It was a Montana State car, and was about 16% ev use. I love the car, but of course I am curious about battery use. I have a 64 mile round trip commute and a free plugin at work. So, I typically charge at home and work.
My question is how many kwh should I be getting before ice switch over? I haven't seen it go over 9.6kwh till it switches. Today it looked like it would have switched at about 9.2kwh. is this appropriate?
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Babelfish, may not hurt to have the car sit on "empty" (EV = 0 miles remaining) for a few hours, for a few times, to have the computer calculate the appropriate SOC for CS mode. Some forum members have luck recalibrating the energy usage to an appropriate amount after doing so, especially after a series of partial charges and an unknown charging history.

The jury is still out whether this works, but it seems to make a slight difference in my car and it certainly won't hurt.
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