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Just picked up 2012 Volt

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Hi, I just picked up a 2012 volt with 50k on it. It was a Montana State car, and was about 16% ev use. I love the car, but of course I am curious about battery use. I have a 64 mile round trip commute and a free plugin at work. So, I typically charge at home and work.
My question is how many kwh should I be getting before ice switch over? I haven't seen it go over 9.6kwh till it switches. Today it looked like it would have switched at about 9.2kwh. is this appropriate?
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Thanks for the welcome!

I've been wanting a volt for a long time and my commute finally made it feasible. Thanks for the info, from what I can tell, the car has been well cared for. With routine maintenance done by a local dealership in Montana. I replaced the cabin air filter (it had one in it) and I need to replace the ICE filter. It's had a recent oil change, but I need to go to a chevy dealer and have them pull the service history (I have the carfax showing dealing maintenance).

So far extremely happy Volt owner!
Today, on the drive home I ran the climate control on Fan only and with mixed driving (I have a section of 65mph of about 6.5 miles) I managed 39.5 miles and 9.9kWh used.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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