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Just picked up 2012 Volt

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Hi, I just picked up a 2012 volt with 50k on it. It was a Montana State car, and was about 16% ev use. I love the car, but of course I am curious about battery use. I have a 64 mile round trip commute and a free plugin at work. So, I typically charge at home and work.
My question is how many kwh should I be getting before ice switch over? I haven't seen it go over 9.6kwh till it switches. Today it looked like it would have switched at about 9.2kwh. is this appropriate?
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Great purchase and welcome to the Volt family! At 5 years old, you're looking at a coolant system flush and fill. Also, at 45k miles Chevy recommends a transmission fluid change (on a severe schedule however I would argue fleet use qualifies for that). If you don't have proof that these things were done, don't assume the state did it while they owned it nor that the dealer did it before resale. Also, check the engine and cabin air filters. At only 16% EV use, the REx has seen quite a bit of use. Another user posted recently that they recently purchased a prior fleet use vehicle and many of those simple maintenance things were overlooked while in fleet use and the dealer he bought it from didn't do anything to it prior to selling.
TheBlueFlash mentions the cabin air filter. The Volts aren't shipped with cabin air filters, although many owners - including myself - have installed one in the location behind the glove box where a space is conveniently designed to receive one. 8^)
Thanks for the correction. Mine had one installed by the previous owner so I assumed they came with it from the factory. Alas, looks like it is personal preference on if you want to install one or not. I live in the mountains of NC surrounded by the Smoky Mountain NP and the Pisgah Nat'l Forest, so pollen levels around here make a cabin filter a necessity.
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