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Just did a $20 brake fluid refresh

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Purchased two 16oz bottles of official DOT3 brake fluids ACDelco brand from pep shop boys (the GM parts no matched). Siphoned 16 oz out of reservoir, and it looked EXACTLY like coca cola. Put 16 oz new in. Drove a bit. Took 16 oz out (still looked exactly like coca cola although a tiny bit lighter). Put 16 oz new in. Car has 96k miles never had a brake fluid change.
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Heheh. Easy way to ensure your fluid won't fail the water or copper test. I thought about getting DOT4 but decided to play it safe and get the official oil recommended in the manual (formerly GM part 88863461 which has been changed to GM part 19299818)

I thought about doing the same with the engine coolant but that woudl be too messy and not worth the money savings.
Why not do it correctly and actually bleed it through until you get fresh fluid at each corner?
This was a quickie 5 minute job.
Doesn't the brake fluid in the reservoir eventually completely blend into the brake fluid at the corners?

P.S. A picture of a copper test on the original coca colored brake fluid (I saved some after siphoning it and got the copper test from amazon).

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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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