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Just Bought a VCX Nano WIFI

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Guys, as the title says, I just ordered a VCX Nano WIFI using the 10% off ebay.

I would appreciate if someone could point me out to a tutorial/demo to properly use it on my 2014 Volt (all options).

Also, what are the updates people are doing the most?

I read about having the fan cycle after the car is turned off to reduce the humidity in the evaporator.

Also read about some infotainment updates.

Any help for this newb, again is appreciated.
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Ok, just received the VCX.
It came with TEch2Win and GM MDI software on a CD.

Where do I get GDS2?

On the subscriptions, the one I am buying is the Vehicle Programming Software 24 months for $40?
After all the research I've done, I believe I am supposed to have folder called GDS2 VM on the CD but I don't have it...
If I open VM Manager I can go to GM Automotive and click on Run for the GM GDS2/T2W app but nothing happens. Text Font White Line Number

Is there a way to get the software or should I contact the vendor?


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That's the windows 7 Virtual Machine needed for the GDS2 but no GDS2 VM folder... Text Font Line
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That worked, thanks. I'm not very experienced in using VMs.

Was able to check all modules, reset the radio screen that frequently freezes and calibrated the front viewing camera.

Next step, check the modules that need updating.
Will do. Likely will purchase it this weekend.
Couldn't wait and subscribed yesterday for the 24 months plan. Didn't had to enter my VIN throughout the process but like Wrillo mentioned, when you run the java web application and connect your VCX, it will pull the VIN from the car it's connected to. If you want to add another car, you will obviously need a second subscription.

Updated the HVAC module, will monitor to see if there are any positive effects.

There are different updates available for my radio, through the VCX and through USB. My radio was already updated with the one I could do through the VCX. I will try the one through the USB soon.
I'll help, PM me your information.
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