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Just Bought a VCX Nano WIFI

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Guys, as the title says, I just ordered a VCX Nano WIFI using the 10% off ebay.

I would appreciate if someone could point me out to a tutorial/demo to properly use it on my 2014 Volt (all options).

Also, what are the updates people are doing the most?

I read about having the fan cycle after the car is turned off to reduce the humidity in the evaporator.

Also read about some infotainment updates.

Any help for this newb, again is appreciated.
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I have it. I mostly use it with USB
Diagnosis works great with the included VMware VM
GDS2 for diagnostics
For programming you need only the pass-through driver and an online account with acdelco, using the SPS software (online)

check software updates here:
you can see with GDS2 the software version on the ECUs

here is where you create an account
Gds2 should be on a VMware VM

Yes, the 2 years subscription is the one you need for programming
Well, run the vm, gds2 is already installed inside
you can check here:

Let me know what are the steps after you make the 2y subscription payment. Do you have to enter the VIN at some point? I would think so
goaterguy, wrillo: help me out to make a 24months payment
I get an error when I pay with my EU card.
But I think I could get all the updates, because basically the cars are the same. If I enter my VIN I get the updated ECU, so I think the only block is the credit card location

I can wire you the money or send it with paypal

1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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