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Gasoline fill point and battery life. Since many people will be able to do several days driving without use of gasoline it is probable that someone will figure what is the cost of hauling around 12 gallons.

Each gallon of gasoline must weigh about 6 pounds. 8 gallons therefor weighs about 48 pounds. Is this near the weight of a set of golf clubs?

If I had a Volt and drove every day. I would probably have 2 - 4 gallons of gasoline on board for ususal use. My own experience with my Prius tells me that I can get 40 - 50 MPG depening on the outside temperature.

Thus 4 gallons is worth a minimum of 320 miles. I think I can find a filling station in that time.

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Comparison of Baseline vs. 50 lb added gas and tank.

Attached are two curves from my GM Volt Simulator (See Engineering Forum) showing the difference in Single Charge Cruise Range. Baseline: Curb weight 3140 lbs. Add two passengers 320 lbs. Acceleration to 60 mph = 9.0 sec. Single [email protected] = 25.7 miles.
Add 50 lb of gas and fuel tank: Acceleration to 60 mph = 9.13 sec. Single [email protected] = 25.6 miles. The added 1.4% mass gives a 1.4% increase in acceleration time and a 3.9% decrease in single charge range. An insignificant penalty for the huge increase in fuel range.


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