[ad#post_ad]Famous comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno had the chance to check out and test drive an advanced Chevy Volt prototype earlier this month in California. He was given a tour and test drive of the car by its chief engineer Andrew Farah.

The video has been posted over at Jay Leno's Garage and can be viewed at the bottom of the post.

Jay seemed pleased and impressed with the car. He is a particular fan of electric cars, and owns a 1908 Baker electric that he gave Farah a ride in, and showed off a 1916 Owens Magnetic that is actually a gas-powered electric car. Leno also liked his EV-1 which he pointed out Farah was an engineer of.

Farah went through with Leno the basic premise of the Volt's 40 mile electric range and unlimited gas driving ability after those electric miles were depleted. He explained how the car has both a D and L mode, with the latter producing more intense regenerative drag for one-pedalled driving, and a normal and sports mode with the latter giving an extra 30 horsepower.

Th effect of cold weather and accessory load was discussed. Farah agreed these would reduce range, and stated "everyone will get a different amount of range," based on these variables.

Jay got into the car and looked over the interior, and noted the car was actually pretty big. Once driving he said "all you hear is the wind and maybe the tires."

He said it was "eerily quiet yet strangely familiar"

When directly confronted by Leno, Farah admitted the Volt weighs 3900 pounds.

In the end Leno told Farah, "you've done a wonderful job on this car."

"I really think this is the breakthrough car," said Leno. "And its American technology and it was developed right here in Detroit."

"Take one for a test drive," he advised his audience. "I think you will like it…pretty cool."